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How to Be a Classy Patron in a High Class Strip Club Brisbane

Are you planning to visit a high class strip club Brisbane has to offer?

You should act and dress the part of a classy club patron. If you’ve never been into one, you should know that most high-end strip clubs in Brisbane live up to their names and make sure the scene they set is upmarket.

This leaves no room to act and look like a poor schmuck from the shady side of town, even if your bank account says otherwise.

So what will make you a classy patron high class strip club Brisbane has?

Dress the part

Wear a three-piece suit and you’re sure to get the admiration and respect that such outfit evokes. Wear the opposite and you’ll get the same amount of treatment. Shabby, you say?

You don’t really need to wear a fancy suit. The least you can do is follow the dress code. But if you make an effort, it will be rewarded in a high-end club.

Follow the golden rule

Treat strippers and club staff like you want to be treated.

Being respectful and generous with your tips are sure to make you popular in the club. You’ll be treated like royalty or, at least, given that level of deference.

Talk and deal with strippers like you would people with brains and feelings and the dancers will treat you in equal measure.

Be ready to spend money

Not to the brink of bankruptcy, of course. But to be a classy patron in a high class strip club Brisbane has, spend a good amount on drinks, dance, and tips. This is especially true if you spend a few hours at the club.

When watching the action on stage, a good customer should tip a safe minimum per song. But you’re better than that. So tip more than the cost of the last cup of coffee you bought from a cafe.

If you can afford to buy private dances, you can afford to tip more.

Be generous with your cheers

Doing a string of pole tricks take a lot of effort. Dancing with only a few pieces of clothing is nothing easier either.

Imagine how dancers would feel if the crowd remains silent and stone-faced. So be ready to bring your energy and enthusiasm into the club and infect the rest of the crowd.

If you are impressed, show your appreciation with a loud clap, enthusiastic cheer, and a good tip.


Consent is like a golden ticket–hard to find but comes with a bonus if you get lucky. Every time you deal with a dancer, especially during a lap dance, always ask for their consent.

In Queensland, touching is allowed in some strip clubs. But you reduce the risk of being kicked out of a club if you ask the dancer’s consent. Put yourself in their shoes and think about how you would feel if someone suddenly grabs and manhandles you.

A high class strip club Brisbane has operates on the premise that they offer better than the rest. So you should be worthy of what they have to offer.

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