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How to Be a Classy Patron in a High Class Strip Club Brisbane

Are you planning to visit a high class strip club Brisbane has to offer?

You should act and dress the part of a classy club patron. If you’ve never been into one, you should know that most high-end strip clubs in Brisbane live up to their names and make sure the scene they set is upmarket.

This leaves no room to act and look like a poor schmuck from the shady side of town, even if your bank account says otherwise.

So what will make you a classy patron high class strip club Brisbane has?

Dress the part

Wear a three-piece suit and you’re sure to get the admiration and respect that such outfit evokes. Wear the opposite and you’ll get the same amount of treatment. Shabby, you say?

You don’t really need to wear a fancy suit. The least you can do is follow the dress code. But if you make an effort, it will be rewarded in a high-end club.

Follow the golden rule

Treat strippers and club staff like you want to be treated.

Being respectful and generous with your tips are sure to make you popular in the club. You’ll be treated like royalty or, at least, given that level of deference.

Talk and deal with strippers like you would people with brains and feelings and the dancers will treat you in equal measure.

Be ready to spend money

Not to the brink of bankruptcy, of course. But to be a classy patron in a high class strip club Brisbane has, spend a good amount on drinks, dance, and tips. This is especially true if you spend a few hours at the club.

When watching the action on stage, a good customer should tip a safe minimum per song. But you’re better than that. So tip more than the cost of the last cup of coffee you bought from a cafe.

If you can afford to buy private dances, you can afford to tip more.

Be generous with your cheers

Doing a string of pole tricks take a lot of effort. Dancing with only a few pieces of clothing is nothing easier either.

Imagine how dancers would feel if the crowd remains silent and stone-faced. So be ready to bring your energy and enthusiasm into the club and infect the rest of the crowd.

If you are impressed, show your appreciation with a loud clap, enthusiastic cheer, and a good tip.


Consent is like a golden ticket–hard to find but comes with a bonus if you get lucky. Every time you deal with a dancer, especially during a lap dance, always ask for their consent.

In Queensland, touching is allowed in some strip clubs. But you reduce the risk of being kicked out of a club if you ask the dancer’s consent. Put yourself in their shoes and think about how you would feel if someone suddenly grabs and manhandles you.

A high class strip club Brisbane has operates on the premise that they offer better than the rest. So you should be worthy of what they have to offer.

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Celebrating a Send-Off Party on a Budget

Saying goodbye to a friend or a family member is always sad. But you can always make the send-off fun and memorable. Make their departure worth remembering by throwing a send-off party in a restaurant, a strip club Brisbane city has, or even in your own home. But what if you are a bit short on the budget?

There are plenty of ways on how you can still enjoy a send-off party without emptying your pockets. After all, it’s the thought that would count and the memories that they will bring with them to their next destination. Here are the top three tips for shoestring going-away parties.

Find an All-Around Venue

Don’t spend all your money on just the location for your party. Find a venue that’s convenient for all your guests. Look for a place that can accommodate all your plans. Likewise, it is preferable for to choose a location that has everything you need for the occasion–food, beverage, and entertainment.

Examples of all-around venues are bars, restaurant function rooms, local strip club Brisbane, and your home. Do not underestimate the fun that could come out by throwing a party in your own backyard. You wouldn’t have to spend for it plus you have all the tools for entertainment.

Select Who You Invite

The number of guests would always be parallel to the quantity of food and drinks to prepare. The fewer the people who will attend, the lesser you have to spend. This shouldn’t stop you from inviting others.

However, you should wisely think of how many people you want to come over. List down the most important people of the person who’s leaving and start populating your list from there. Consider the people that the man or woman of the hour would want to have.

Choose the Best Time

Timing is just as important as the number of guests and the venue. If you choose to start your party early, you might end up going beyond the expected hours for the party. Some rentals only allow a specific amount of time.

On the other hand, if you start the party too late, your guests might have left by then and you are left with tons of food and drink with no one to enjoy them. Pick the right time for your send-off party. If going to bars and clubs, you can check for the happy hour and sync the schedule of your party at that time.

Remember these three tips the next time you organise a going-away party. Celebrate a party worth remembering while staying on a budget.

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The Best Man’s Guide to The Best Strip Clubs in Brisbane

You have been chosen as the best man and now you are tasked to organise your mate’s bucks party, which can be overwhelming. If you want to save yourself from all the trouble of deciding where to hold your get-together, why not plan a night of debauchery with your mates at the best strip club in Brisbane?.

Here are a few things to help with your preparation.


First of all, you have to know what kind of adult entertainment you are looking for. Do you want to include a trip to Asian massage parlours as one of the day’s activities? What about a nightclub where you can bring the women home – for the fun stuff? How about topless dancers or private lap dances? Which of these would be fun for everyone?

When you lay down your intentions and plans on the table, this will help you choose which strip joint to hold the stag party. However, you must never forget to ask for input from the groom. It’s his party anyway.


The best strip club in Brisbane meets all your needs and expectations. It has excellent facilities, great food choices, fantastic offers and discounts, as well as gorgeous women. Do not go for the cheap ones and risk losing all the fun. All you need to do is to stay within the budget.  


Speaking of the budget, you must remember to take note of all the expected costs to minimise the risk of overspending. Every strip club in Brisbane requires an entry fee of about $15 to $30. Furthermore, the costs for beverages is different than the $10 beer you had last night.

If you need a lap dance from one of the beautiful strippers, you need to have an extra $20 set aside. On the flip side though, VIP private dances might cost you more than the usual. So it is best to keep at least $100 in your pocket. Make sure to bring extra cash with you when join the bucks party.

Organising a buck’s night at the best strip club in Brisbane takes the hassle out of finding a venue and caterer. So why not go for it?

Hopefully, this guide is a great help for dozens of other best men who have little to no experience in organising parties like this.

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6 Unique Buck’s Night Ideas

Your best mate is about to get married and you are chosen to be his best man. Although that title might sound quite awesome, it actually entails a lot of pressure and stress. Planning a buck’s party may be overwhelming especially if you have not tried organising an event before. So if you are scouring for bucks night ideas, here are a few unique activities you can suggest.


Have you ever considered taking the entire crew out to the river on a houseboat? This will be a great time for fishing, swimming, and even just chilling along the sandy riverbanks with all your best mates. And this doesn’t have to be just a one-night thing. You can even extend the party for an extra day if everyone wants to.


If you heard of a music festival happening sometime before the wedding, why not set out with the whole gang on a road trip to attend the big event? Going to rock concerts and feasting on festival food and beer will definitely make everyone in your group feel festive.


Another way of celebrating the end of singlehood is camping. When you are at the perfect campsite, you will have a lot of things to do such as fishing, singing campfire songs, swimming, hiking, and even telling ghost stories. Pack up your tents and food and fill the icebox with booze, and you are set for the best night of your life. Make sure to bring enough bug spray!


One of the classiest bucks night ideas would be wine and whiskey tasting. Head out to the finest wineries and whiskey bars in town and satisfy your palate with the choicest drinks. Invite your wine connoisseur and whiskey-loving chaps for a night of libations and celebrations.


Another option for a buck’s party is to go on an ocean cruise with your best mates. You get to travel, wine and dine, and just chill all day long as you get some “vitamin sea”.


Whether you prefer a live theatre show or a concert of your favourite band, going to watch a show is an alternative idea for a buck’s night. You can start by dining at one of the finest restaurants in your locality and then head out to a show. Afterward, you can top it off with a few drinks at a local strip club. If you think that musical theatre is not your thing, you can watch a film instead.

These bucks night ideas are just some of the many things you can do with your best mates. However, you have to keep in mind that before finalising plans, consult the groom first. It is important to ask for his suggestions since the whole celebration is supposed to be centred on him.