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The Best Man’s Guide to The Best Strip Clubs in Brisbane

You have been chosen as the best man and now you are tasked to organise your mate’s bucks party, which can be overwhelming. If you want to save yourself from all the trouble of deciding where to hold your get-together, why not plan a night of debauchery with your mates at the best strip club in Brisbane?.

Here are a few things to help with your preparation.


First of all, you have to know what kind of adult entertainment you are looking for. Do you want to include a trip to Asian massage parlours as one of the day’s activities? What about a nightclub where you can bring the women home – for the fun stuff? How about topless dancers or private lap dances? Which of these would be fun for everyone?

When you lay down your intentions and plans on the table, this will help you choose which strip joint to hold the stag party. However, you must never forget to ask for input from the groom. It’s his party anyway.


The best strip club in Brisbane meets all your needs and expectations. It has excellent facilities, great food choices, fantastic offers and discounts, as well as gorgeous women. Do not go for the cheap ones and risk losing all the fun. All you need to do is to stay within the budget.  


Speaking of the budget, you must remember to take note of all the expected costs to minimise the risk of overspending. Every strip club in Brisbane requires an entry fee of about $15 to $30. Furthermore, the costs for beverages is different than the $10 beer you had last night.

If you need a lap dance from one of the beautiful strippers, you need to have an extra $20 set aside. On the flip side though, VIP private dances might cost you more than the usual. So it is best to keep at least $100 in your pocket. Make sure to bring extra cash with you when join the bucks party.

Organising a buck’s night at the best strip club in Brisbane takes the hassle out of finding a venue and caterer. So why not go for it?

Hopefully, this guide is a great help for dozens of other best men who have little to no experience in organising parties like this.

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