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6 Unique Buck’s Night Ideas

Your best mate is about to get married and you are chosen to be his best man. Although that title might sound quite awesome, it actually entails a lot of pressure and stress. Planning a buck’s party may be overwhelming especially if you have not tried organising an event before. So if you are scouring for bucks night ideas, here are a few unique activities you can suggest.


Have you ever considered taking the entire crew out to the river on a houseboat? This will be a great time for fishing, swimming, and even just chilling along the sandy riverbanks with all your best mates. And this doesn’t have to be just a one-night thing. You can even extend the party for an extra day if everyone wants to.


If you heard of a music festival happening sometime before the wedding, why not set out with the whole gang on a road trip to attend the big event? Going to rock concerts and feasting on festival food and beer will definitely make everyone in your group feel festive.


Another way of celebrating the end of singlehood is camping. When you are at the perfect campsite, you will have a lot of things to do such as fishing, singing campfire songs, swimming, hiking, and even telling ghost stories. Pack up your tents and food and fill the icebox with booze, and you are set for the best night of your life. Make sure to bring enough bug spray!


One of the classiest bucks night ideas would be wine and whiskey tasting. Head out to the finest wineries and whiskey bars in town and satisfy your palate with the choicest drinks. Invite your wine connoisseur and whiskey-loving chaps for a night of libations and celebrations.


Another option for a buck’s party is to go on an ocean cruise with your best mates. You get to travel, wine and dine, and just chill all day long as you get some “vitamin sea”.


Whether you prefer a live theatre show or a concert of your favourite band, going to watch a show is an alternative idea for a buck’s night. You can start by dining at one of the finest restaurants in your locality and then head out to a show. Afterward, you can top it off with a few drinks at a local strip club. If you think that musical theatre is not your thing, you can watch a film instead.

These bucks night ideas are just some of the many things you can do with your best mates. However, you have to keep in mind that before finalising plans, consult the groom first. It is important to ask for his suggestions since the whole celebration is supposed to be centred on him.


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